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Skull - The Endless Road Turns Dark (PRE-ORDER cd)

Skull - The Endless Road Turns Dark (PRE-ORDER cd)

13 EUR
Year : 2018

Label : Tee Pee

Description : Description : Featuring vocalist Eric Wagner and bassist Ron Holzner, formerly of metal legends Trouble, The Skull creates classic Sabbathian doom with a psych-tinged metal vision. The respected band's sophomore full-length, 'The Endless Road Turns Dark', benefits greatly from the pedigree and experience of the band's members and pushes authentic, old-school metal to heavier and more foreboding places, fueled by burly riffing, metallic groove and a crushing punch. Ethereal and wonderfully moody with a heart of heavy metal beating at its center, the record delivers definitive doom metal full of powerful builds and mesmerizing dynamic range. Release date: 08/10/2018

The Endless Road Turns Dark
Breathing Underwater
The Longing
From Myself Depart
As the Sun Draws Near
All That Remains (Is True)
Thy Will Be Done