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Skogen Brinner - 1st (used cd)

Skogen Brinner - 1st (used cd)

Year : 2013

Label : Sub,iinal

Description : The debut album from Skogen Brinner is a wasted, slimy, speed freak vortex of polluted proto metal risen from a self-loathing nurtured by an increasingly greasy wasteland called Sweden. Wicked, toxic and manic rock, psychotic vocals, gnarly guitars, cavernous bass and drums beat to a pulp. A quick glare at the cover and you're savvy on what it's about."The idea is probably to create rotten hard rock with a drive and without too many frills. Maybe you can compare us with a Z-grade
flick: bad... but still damn good in a 'strange way." Skogen Brinner consists of four young reprobate souls; Jesper Aronsson - vocals, David Forsberg - Guitar, Joel
Carnstam - bass, Jonathan Eriksson - drums, who, despite their situation, are now trying to break the negative spiral of self-destruction with sound therapy."My life
is fucking complicated, you'd be surprised." They have played, even if the result sometimes becomes terrible. They have played with each other and with their bodies,
with toxins and with their strength. They played with values ??which society and parents slipped on them.

Skogen Brinner
Odjurets Hämnd
Svarta Skuggor
Fasornas Berg
Vägen Till Förvirring
Speed Freak