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Silver Devil - Silver Devil (cd)

10 EUR
Year : 2011

Label : DIY

Description : A perfectly fuzzy wall of sound infused with flowy hooks put this album amongst the best Stoner Sweden has to offer and Sweden has some good Stoner Rock. These guys are becoming one of my all-time favorite. You’ll be transported to hot, dusty roads with wide horizons and tumbleweed and sand blowing in the wind. this is definitely something early a Dozer fan would appreciate or even better !!! Insanely great stoner, desert, groove, fuzz metal! Yes of course from the big, dust-blown, desert planes of Sweden - where else?

Follow Me Down 05:26
Cactus Kicker 04:11
7,8 04:46
Pesadilla 05:25
Demons 03:07
In Space 03:40
Decietful 05:50
Lies 05:03