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Sapata - Satanibator (cd)

11 EUR
Year : 2017

Label : Inverse Records

Description : Finlands doom merchants Sapata don’t waste any time in showing off their doom riffs on their debut album Satanibator as that is the first thing that strikes you as the albums first track Gobi kicks off. After a short intro, a memorable riff kicks in, announcing the bands intentions and that is quickly followed by the bands secret weapon, the powerful vocals of singer Saara Samane who demonstrates her wildly passionate voice. Throughout this album, Sapata demonstrate their knack for writing catchy and memorable songs, they also have their own groove going and definitely have a fantastic combination of riffs and vocals on their side and if you are a fan of bands like Blood Ceremony, Purson and The Devils Blood then you will definitely find a lot to love on Satanibator.

I, The Messenger
Sex Magik
Death, Depression, Life
Full Power