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Samavayo - Cosmic Knockout (cd)

Samavayo - Cosmic Knockout (cd)

13 EUR
Year : 2011 

Label : Setalight Records

Description : SAMAVAYO present the most honest album of their history and with "Cosmic Knockout" everything is arranged under a single overall objective: It must rock! Fucking rock!SAMAVAYO is one of those bands whose music blazes with a feverish passion. With their current release they successfully capture this creative conflagration on record. SAMAVAYO [Sanskrit, old Indian] means harmony, unity and this harmony also aids the four Berlin City rockers in deciding what musical floodgates are opened. Their songs enclose influences of psychedelic rock, funk, metal, alternative rock of the 90s and of course the good old rock sound of the 70s....but of course they were also sprayed for years with pop melodies. This also has made inroads into their music

Cosmic Storm
Turnin' / Burnin'
Jam I
Give A Fuck
Jam Ii
Pillow On My Face
Count 2 3
Jam Iii
A Song For No One
In The End We Fall
Jam Iv
My Only Friend