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Raikinas - Arcadia (lp)

Raikinas - Arcadia (lp)

18 EUR
Year : 2016

Label : Electric Valley

Description : Raikinas is a Stoner/Heavy/Psych band based in Sardinia (Italy). Raikinas has shared the stage with bands like "Karma to Burn", "Black Rainbows", "OJM"
and many other european Stoner/Psych bands. Their songs range from the classic Stoner Rock to the most Psychedelic sounds, this sound variety we can hear in the last album "Arcadia"

Klepsydra 06:59
Rokka 04:05
Volcano 09:31
Interlude I 00:36
17 January 04:04
21 June 07:22
Idyllium 04:58
Interlude II 00:55
Oracle 06:14