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Picturebooks - Home Is A Heartache (cd)

13 EUR
Year : 2017

Label : Another Century

Description : The Picturebooks (featuring Fynn Claus Grabke on vocals and guitar, and Philipp Mirtschink on drums) perform blues-saturated heavy rock. These two guys have received acclaim not only for their 2014 full-length 'Imaginary Horse', but also for their craft of building and customizing motorcycles and skateboarding skills. The Picturebooks' sound is as distinct as the smell of burnt motor oil coming off the sun-baked California desert highway. 

Seen Those Days
Home Is A Heartache
Fire Keeps Burning
On These Roads I’ll Die
I Need That Oooh
The Murderer
Zero Fucks Given
I Came A Long Way For You
Get Gone
Bad Habits Die Hard
Heathen Love
Inner Demons