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Odyssey - Abysmal Despait (lp)

20 EUR
Year : 2012

Label : Transubstans Records

Description : "Abysmal Despair" is ODYSSEY's much anticipated debut album on Transubstans Records. Heavy & harsh stonerrock deluxe with a great feeling for riffs, the band hits it hard, and hit is good ! Think stonerrock, add some noise and sludge - and you get a vague idea what this trio is all about. Linköpings daily news recently wrote - "ODYSSEY's performances are probably the most energetic and violent in Sweden at the moment, and definetly worth that detour to witness..." This recording is much the same - energetic and violent... ELECTRIC WIZARD meets EYEHATEGOD meets ACRIMONY. A great debut album !! Now finally on vinyl, with a completely new cover by Ragnar Persson!

Wicked Witch
Abysmal Despair
No Fucking Way
Wolfspit And Witches Breath
This Ship Is Sinking