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Oberon - The Mountains Of Fate (cd)

Year : 2016

Label : DIY

Description : Born in 2015,the project OBERON aims to create music without limits, taking influences from classical music to progressive rock, from the hard stoner to the medieval folk, building Audio Visions for people that still want to dream and listen. In short... Progressive in its approach to songwriting and pacing, with a very 70s rock styling.

Inner Flame 01:27
The Maze 05:09
The Golden King 03:58
Evil Box 04:11
Eternal Flight 01:23
Icarus On Broken Wings 05:29
Sailing Oblivion 06:17
A Fair Traitor 04:12
Somniloquist 02:49
At The Gates Of Silence 01:57
The Wicked Groom 04:10
Inheritance: I. Blank Eyes; Ii. Falling Asleep; Iii. Dies Irae; Iv. Inheritance 08:42