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Mount Cane - Bards (cd)

12 EUR
Year : 2017

Label : Odio Sonoro

Description : MOUNT CANE is a Stoner-Rock band with brush strokes ranging from the darker Doom to the more raw Sludge. Formed in 2013 after the separation of THE EYES, two of its members, Edgar and Jordi decide to form a band with more desertic air. Bands like Kyuss, Mastodon or Black Sabbath have been around for a long time and at the end of their stage with THE EYES, it's when they think it's time to turn the page and start their new musical adventure. For this, they are surrounded by Marc and Kim of Taquikardic Sinners and Axel, all old friends and wanting to delve into the serious tunings and riffs more "sabbaths" !!! Their great acceptance leads them to open bands like Torche and Black Tusk among others

Sea Storm 03:09
Our Vitory 03:21
Sight With No Sense 03:47
Come Back 04:10
Tow Truck 02:48
The Boat 04:04
Silver Track 01:59
Astro 03:59
The Destroyer 01:47
Stone Fist 05:31
Hell In Me 06:34