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Mother Misery - Megalodon (used cd)

Mother Misery - Megalodon (used cd)

Year : 2018

Label : Transubstans Records

Description : Finally it's here! "Megalodon", the new and eagerly awaited full-length album from Swedish rockers MOTHER MISERY. The riffs, the melodies, the heaviness and grooves that will make you press repeat are simply there! With three full-length albums and one EP (Deadication, 2015) in the trunk, these Enköping veterans once again prove their steady position in the world of rock - and they won't disappoint. So people, buckle up and enjoy the ride because here come the ME-GA-LO-DON!

The Challenger
Ashes Of Your Crown
Eyes Of The Innocent
Into These Lies
100 Eyes
Stonecold Killer
Down In The Dirt
If You Fall