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Moon Coven - Amanita Kingdom (cd)

Moon Coven - Amanita Kingdom (cd)

Year : 2013

Label : Transubstans Records

Description : Swedish MOON COVEN takes everything you ever knew about psychedelic rock, stoner and space rock and transforms it into a completely new concept. This is their debut EP "Amanita Kingdom", a record that for sure will make its mark in modern stoner history. With their entangling, hypnotic wall of sound, MOON COVEN allows the unaware listener to sink into their world of depth. On only these five tracks you can fully appreciate the variety of the band - from the sludgy, droned-out zombie tunes of tracks like "Ruler Of Dust" and "Amanita Kingdom" to the harmony and beauty of tracks like "We Were Conquerors". Highly recommended!

Ruler Of Dust
Amanita Kingdom
Amanita Kingdom II
We Were Conquerors