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Mississippi Bones - 2600 AD (lp)

Mississippi Bones - 2600 AD (lp)

24 EUR
Year : 2018

Label : Kozmik Artifactz

Description : Limited to 100 copies on black vinyl. Soul, blues and southern rock have never been combined with heavy riffing and catchy melodies like this. The 12
songs on there sophomore full-length rattle and crash with incredible energy, enthusiasm, and elegance. Just sheer raucous rock'n'roll pleasure, a fierceness of
execution, and a keen sense of joy.

Bakshi To The Future 4:26
Butcher Of The 9 Lunar Mansions 3:44
Outhouse Poet (Or Shitty Lyricist) 3:22
Sleep Atlas At Last 3:29
Robot Kaiju Hullabaloo 4:34
2600 A.D. - Jared Vs The Space Invaders 3:02
The Eulogy Of Captain Sam Quint 3:32
Greener Pastures (I Hear Chernobyl Is Nice This Time Of Year) 4:43
Metaphor Is Just A Word 4:01
The Fly In Your Ointment 4:08
Thank You For Listening 4:44