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Megatherium - Superbeast (cd)

Megatherium - Superbeast (cd)

Year : 2016

Label : Andromeda Relix

Description : The album as a whole, as a proposition, the way it is played, with relaxed confidence, deriving from the precise knowledge of their abilities, and still
with enough urgency and need, with not just one single drop of tension. And the riffs, of course: so many riffs, high-tonnage riffs, breaking-back riffs, stone-handed

Prayer For The Ox 01:17
Refuse To Shine 05:06
Fly High 05:18
Twiceman 13:23
Ghost Of The Ocean 04:45
Cleveland (Is Far From Here) 03:39
The Wolf And The Deer 03:11
Grey Line 09:14
Betrayers Everywhere 06:17
Slow Down 04:35
Retrosky 08:02