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Mangrove - A Distant Dream Of Tomorrow (used cd)

Mangrove - A Distant Dream Of Tomorrow (used cd)

Year : 2010

Label : Transubstans

Decription : 'A Distant Dream Of Tomorrow' is in general a safe bet, even though it made a few slips here and there. The tracks are beautifully assembled, the vocals are excellent and the sound is perfect for this kind of music. If you get hopelessly in love when you hear Grand funk railroad, Captain beyond, Positiva (latest effort), Nebula, Forte, Dozer, and Kyuss you should get this disc at once!

Black sun
A distant dream of tomorrow
Never again
I've been seen upon the sun
Mean woman blues
Falling through time
Odd john's mindtrip
Walk over the oceans
Legend roads
Chant of the seas