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Mangog - Awakens (used cd)

Mangog - Awakens (used cd)

Year : 2017

Label : Argonauta

Description : Mangog is a doom metal band based out of Baltimore, Maryland. Mangog Awakens is a hugely entertaining that never outstays it welcome. It's a very cool sounding album packed with fresh ideas and sounds. Argonauta Records are onto another winner here but this is Mangog's show and they deliver on all counts. Superb lyrics and riffs that will not only keep true Doom Metal fans entertained but the more casual fan as well. Mangog have indeed Awakened with an action packed and stunning album.

Time Is A Prision
Ab Intra
Of Your Deceit
Into Infamy
Modern Day Concubine
A Tongue Full Of Lies
Daydreams Within Nightmares
Eyes Wide Shut