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Mammothwing - Morning Light (cd)

Mammothwing - Morning Light (cd)

Year : 2015

Label : Bilocation 

Description : MAMMOTHWING were formed under the blood red moon of summer solstice 2013. Coming from a blues/doom/psych background, the strange sounds of brothers Marty Fisher (guitar + vocals) and Billy Fisher (bass + vocals) melded perfectly with the trancelike grooves of Kev Richardson Jr (drums). In the centre of Nottingham, England, their self built studio 'The Room of Doom' was to be home to sonic experimentation and debauchery. Improvised jams flowed into full tilt rock. No two shows were the same. People listened, people cried. With their first album due for release on Bilocation this year, MAMMOTHWING continue to produce a unique sound which is at once dynamic, moving and crushingly heavy.

Cosmic Vagabond 09:58
Tinned Up & Fuzzed Out 06:09
Black Woman 08:57
69' 05:18
Chump Change 03:39