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Magma Rise - Flase Flag Operation + The Man In The Maze (cd)

13 EUR
Year : 2016

Label : Nail Records

Description : Old school traditional doom-metal of the highest order with clean vocals in Black Sabbath style. Magma Rise is from Hungary, this is the new band of Gábor (ex Wall of Sleep) and Kolos (Stereochrist). Excellent dual guitar harmonies towards Trouble/Black Sabbath, good heavy riffing, thunderous bass by Gábor, pure doom sound and clean vocals. Magma Rise is recognized as purveyors of some of the highest-quality Sabbath-inspired riffing doom available. Highly recommended!

False Flag Operation
Shroud Of Hologram
The Metamorph
Trading Time
Pray For The Dead
The Man In The Maze
2 Part Of The World
The Way Is The Way
40 Million Years
Meet The Moments
Vertical Truth With Horizental Lies
Storm Wallows
Breaking Point