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Lunar Funeral - Sex On A Grave (cd)

Lunar Funeral - Sex On A Grave (cd)

Year : 2017

Label : Forbidden Place Records

Description : When listening to this dark doom/blues masterpiece you will experience many feelings all at once. Is it a Spaghetti Western? A funeral? An exorcism? Or
ex-lovers penetrating your dreams? It is all of these things. Compelling, groundbreaking, new and old, fucking incredible. From Russia come Lunar Funeral. They are
showing you the way to the void. Jump on in and enjoy the doom. Guaranteed to lose your mind in a sea of murky fuzz.

Indian's Death 04:28
Like You And I (Like A Knife) 04:31
Red Wine 04:18
You're Nothing 05:22
Sex On A Grave 04:58
The Lights 05:03
Redneck Song 02:20
Sister Of Mercy 03:47
Suicide 02:53