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Loimann - Drowning Merged Tantras (cd)

Loimann - Drowning Merged Tantras (cd)

Year : 2017

Label : DIY

Description : Loimann has a little something to satisfy all tastes of heavy music. Traditional "stoner rock" type rhythms slowed down to a doom laden pace and layered with psychedelic effects will appeal to a range of listeners. This follow up release is more heavy traditional Doom Metal than the previous...

Intro - One Last Fiery Thrill 04:24
Creed Erase Us All 05:33
Haeresis 08:26
Worsen Flow 07:11
Middle - Lock your Gist within your Creed 02:28
Morbid Conclave 08:51
D.iS.M.al III 09:26
Tantras... Drowned 06:14
Outro - Ecce Homo 02:28