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Last Supper - Niaga Nrob (cd)

Last Supper - Niaga Nrob (cd)

Year : 2010

Label : Riot Records

Description : THE LAST SUPPER is a classic 70's room rock band from Saarbrücken Germany and exists since April 2003. Beside several small tours through different parts of Germany, they had gigs on the Stoned From The Underground Festival 2006 and the Doom Shall Rise Festival 2007.They playing live in the south-western parts of  Germany as well as around the French border and in Luxembourg. "Niaga Nrob" is their 3rd album. Also check out their labelmates DEMON INCARNATE.

That River
Fractured Horizon
The Witch
Echoes Of The Past (instrumental)
Shadowed Path
Wicked Man's Hut
Missing Link
Rotten Leaf
Niaga Nrob