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Lakota - Lakota (lp)

Lakota - Lakota (lp)

15 EUR
Year : 2014

Label : Spira Records

Description : The band LAKOTA has been active for less than two years, its members all have roots and connections within the Coachella Valley music scenes from many notable projects over the years. Seasoned with solid talent and a plethora of experience in rocking like nobody’s business, Lakota has created a sound that is jam-packed with key ingredients that easily justify their place in the desert rock genre, yet set them apart as unique and recognizable amongst other bands in the same circles. Their groove can be described with adjectives such as, psychedelic, heavy, desert rock, stoner rock and raw which is exactly the kind of sound they are
striving for. Feature members of AVON and WAXY

Bleed Free
Crack On
Something I Said
Result Of The Galaxy
Kiss Goodbye