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King Howl - Rougarou (cd)

Year : 2017

Label : Electric Valley Records

Description : Rougarou is the third album of the Sardinian heavy blues band King Howl. Ten tracks of blues fueled – booze soaked Rock’n’Roll. A new proof for the band’s peculiar, distinctive sound defined through these years on the road. Here, the essential patterns of blues music are mixed again with a strong Rock’n’Roll attitude, that pushes the composition more to the side of 70’s Classic Rock, without denying the reference with other important influences like Stoner Rock, the late sixties proto-punk, the psychedelia

Gone 03:13
Demons 04:28
Screaming 04:17
No Money 03:14
Alone I Go 02:53
By my Side 04:34
Falling Down 04:51
Pissed Off 02:10
Ride the Night 05:44
On the Road Again 04:53