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Kind - Rocket Science (cd)

Kind - Rocket Science (cd)

12 EUR
Year : 2015

Label : Ripple Music

Description : Members of Elder, Black Pyramid, Rozamov and the mighty Roadsaw grouped up the result would be super. In fact, Rocket Science takes all the individual highlights of the host bands and engineers monster riffs fueled by whiskey and peyote soaring with rocket ship force to outer space. Heavy psych drips from the rusted wing tips as the retro groove inebriates the smoke hazed atmosphere with brain melting jammage.

German for Lucy 07:16
Faster Number One 04:03
Rabbit Astronaut 03:49
Hordeolum 08:24
Pastrami Blaster 06:36
Siberia 04:27
Grogan 04:55
The Angry Undertaker 09:13