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Kaiser - 1st Sound

Kaiser - 1st Sound

11 EUR
Year : 2018

Label : Oak Island Records

Description : Awesome fuckin' northern heavy stoner rock! Strongly influenced by Unida, Sloburn, Lowrider, Red Fang, High On Fire, Black Sabbath, Led Zep. It was
late summer of 2013 Otu and RiQ met on the web and noticed that the music interest was the same and they formed a band, this machine called Kaiser. The first session shows that the chemistry was more then right it was outstanding supreme. Little later they found Pex, his was playing bass in the same band with RiQ in the past. And rest is history... and the future is open. One of those albums that the Desert/Fuzz/Stoner Rock community will go crazy for. Kaiser have delivered the goods with this HEAVY MONSTER. 1st Sound is pure Stoner Rock entertainment of the highest order.

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