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Kabbalah - Spectral Ascent (cd)

Year : 2017

Label : Twin Earth

Description : KABBALAH is a trio project from Pamplona, Spain, by Carmen (drums) and Marga (bass), former members of Las Culebras, who after several records and a wide path through the rock national stages, iniciate a new journey to darker ambients, with a predilection for the occult and witchcraft. From Prehistoric Mermaid, Alba (guitar) arrives to complete the band, consolidating even more their dark sound. Their sound has been described as strong, mysterious and fascinating, and moves between flashes of  occult rock, 70s retro and classic heavy- psychedelic of the late 60s. After good reviews of “Kabbalah”, “Primitive Stone” and their latest “Revelations”, a new release will be out Summer 2017 in wich they will continue exploring the darkness through hypnotic rhythms and electrifying melodies.

Spectral Ascent 01:22
Resurrected 03:27
Phantasmal Planetoid 04:42
The Darkest End 03:29
The Reverend 03:01
The Darkness of Time 03:36
Dark Revelation 05:02
The Shadow 03:57
Presence 04:20