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Jukebox Monkey - Grey Skies Red Planet (cd)

Year : 2017

Label : Girlie Throw Music

Description : Kent was once known throughout the UK as the "Garden of England" due to it's vast orchards, allotments and hop fields, sadly though those days when London's poorer families would flock down to Kent to spend their summers picking hops to supplement their meagre incomes are now long gone but fear not someone planted a fuzzy seed transported from the Palm Desert home of Kyuss and Unida into Kent's fertile soil and it's started grow! Jukebox Monkey four guys from Gravesend, Kent with a penchant for fuzz soaked riffage flecked with desert attitude and southern grit who are now preparing for world domination with their latest album...

They're Building A Gallows 06:26
Death On Mars 04:18
Daughter And Heir 05:21
This Septic Isle 03:55
Liquid Mistress 06:34
Dictionary Of The Vulgar Tongue 04:58
Crawling As The Crow Flies 07:46
Divisions 07:04
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