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I Am The Sun - Death Water (cd)

I Am The Sun - Death Water (cd)

13 EUR
Year : 2016

Label : DIY

Description : Rowdy, raucous, middle-fingery stoner metal. This will go over well at parties, wrestling matches, and daring smoke sessions with Millenials. There are no slow songs, no love songs, and no proggy interludes. Just straight up, in-your-face-with-mace, and up-your-nose-with-a-rubber-hose stoner metal, with smidgens of old school thrash riffs & punk indignation thrown in for good measure. Might just be the uppercut you got comin' to ya. Prepare thy liver.

Dark Clouds 06:11
I Saw The Reaper 03:45
Woke Up In Space 04:48
Grit 04:14
Death Water 03:02
The Burnout 05:53
Hard To Believe 04:06
Mare 05:04
Wicked Thing 04:22
We Know You Hate Us 05:20