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Hypergiant - Father Sky (2lp)

Hypergiant - Father Sky (2lp)

27 EUR
Year : 2018

Label : Blackfarm

Description : Limited to 350 copies on double black vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. Named for the ultra-massive class of star, Australian outfit Hypergiant fuse the
monolithic riffage of stoner rock with the intricacies of progressive metal to create a sound both colossal and nuanced. 'Father Sky' is an album for anyone who
enjoys prog mixed with various subgenres of doom.

Perseus Arm 05:16
Colossi 07:23
Island 3 07:24
Retrograde 06:01
Entropy 05:22
Interlude: Krakenmare 02:59
Ryu-Un Maru 08:59
No Way Out 04:10
PSR J0835-4510 01:16
Solar Landslide 07:26
Apogee 04:02