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Hercules Propaganda - Hercules Propaganda (lp)

Hercules Propaganda - Hercules Propaganda (lp)

23 EUR
Year : 2013

Label : Fuzzmatazz Records

Description : HERCULES PROPAGANDA combine stomping drums, roaring guitars and a powerful bass to create a sound colossion that is unmistakably shaped by the great heroes of the 70s.There are filthy rock'n'roll and diabolic psychedelic, doomed trips to bluesy fist strokes, unchanging hardrock and a powerful dose of glam to escape into a pulsating world of sweaty earworms and smoothing lacquer boots. These influences determine the essence of HERCULES PROPAGANDA. This is how the self-titled giant rockers present themselves selfish, cheeky and not always easy to digest. Because HERCULES PROPAGANDA are visionaries: Their vision is an orgy of naked, drunken and happy people, who
only pay homage to the god of Rock'n'Roll

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