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Grand Astoria - Punk Supreme (lp)

23 EUR
Year : 2013

Label : Setalight Records

Description : What we get instead is a richly varied but ultimately consistent — surprisingly so considering the swath of personnel involved — collection of tracks that represent the boldest creative statement yet from The Grand Astoria. There may be a lot of it, but Punkadelica Supreme is rife with engaging stretches and fluid transitions 

Welcome To The Club 01:50
Slave Of Two Masters 08:36
I Know 04:01
Punkadelia Supreme 07:16
Street Credit 05:49
Space Orchid vs Massive Drumkit 05:22
Dropping Aitches 05:05
Feels Like Home 02:37
To Cross The Rubicon 07:45
King Has Left The Building 07:36
Visualize 06:19
Score 13:40
Intermission 01:22