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Gnob - Electric Dream Dragon (purple lp)

Gnob - Electric Dream Dragon (purple lp)

19 EUR
Year : 2018

Label : Drone Rock Records

Description : GNOB, adept audiophonic alchemists and emergent masters of the heavy psychedelic method. Witness Eastern elements fed to a lysergic loom and gloriously woven into a ten tonne tapestry. To summon 'Electric Dream Demon' is to enter pact with preeminence and drink deep of its giddying grooves.

Electric Dream Demon 03:39
Dancing Plant 04:50
Flowers and Rainbows 07:40
Freedom Forty-Five 05:54
The Offering 04:43
Jungle Trance 04:25
The Midnight Sun 04:21
Genie in the Raagini 03:40