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Fuzzlord - Fuzzlord (cd)

Fuzzlord - Fuzzlord (cd)

11 EUR
Year : 2018

Label : Fuzzdoom Records

Description : Fuzz Lord lives up to its name with a crushing yet melodic output of heavy stoner/doom. The guitars attack with progressive intros and interludes with
an asphyxiating rhythm drenched in fuzzy groove. The vocals command like a whiskey driven pirate exploring the stage like a ship on shark infested waters.

The Gates of Hell 01:45
Kronos Visions Arise 07:02
The Warriors Who Reign 05:38
The Lord of the Underground 04:42
Evil Infamy 03:59
Worlds Collide 06:58
The Fall of Fate 01:07
Infamous Evil 07:50