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Fuzz Forward - Out Of Nowhere (lp)

Fuzz Forward - Out Of Nowhere (lp)

10 EUR
Year : 2018

Label : Discos Macarras

Description : The music of Fuzz Forward has its roots in 70s hard rock, the alternative sounds of the 90s and the stoner rock of the last decades. These are the
ingredients for a strange and exquisite mix with crushing riffs, dark melodies and a touch of space psychedelia. The band also started playing live with bands like
Sasquatch, Mammoth Mammoth and Electric Monolith.

Despairs 04:55
Summertime Somersaults 04:35
While They Corner 05:57
So Fed 05:10
Thorns in Tongue 06:44
Drained 04:02
Torches 05:16
Go Crush 06:37