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Fungal Abyss - Bardo Abground Temple (cd)

14 EUR
Year : 2017


Description:The debut studio album of Fungal Abyss, the psychedelic improv sister project of Seattle's doom/sludge heavyweights Lesbian. Originally released on cassette in 2011, 'Bardo Abgrund Temple' contains the band's hallucinatory, lengthy, unedited psychedelic jams. The album captures the band's free-flowing improvisations under the influence of the sacred Teónanácatl mushroom, leading to an intensely heavy, lysergic psych trip drenched with screaming, echoing guitars, spiralling synthesizers and crashing drums. Now the album appears on CD for the first time, including one bonus track. Release date: 02/01/2017

Arc of the Covenant 20:11
Year of the Bones 13:06
Timewave Zero 10:20
Fungal DeBrist 2