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Fire Faithful - Please Accept This Invocation (cd)

11 EUR
Year : 2011

Label : DIY

Description : Fire Faithful find a sound somewhere between the outright Southern sludge of Beaten Back To Pure, HailHorent!, and Mugwart, the dirty Biker Doom swing of Earthride and War Injun and the swagger of Alabama Thunderpussy. Trademarked and patented heavy Southern groove infused with sinister sounding doom and Occult references. All in all, an effective first effort of Southern occult sloggery and moonshine metal...

Please Accept This Invocation 04:44  
Dollar Bottomed Out 03:57  
A Devil In London 06:41  
Disgust Is A Must 07:13  
Enter The Monster 06:09  
Flamingo 05:12  
Wonton Lavey 05:45  
Alone With A Stranger 04:22