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Electric Shakes - Electrohypnosis (cd)

11 EUR
Year : 2017

Label : DIY

Description : Stoner/Garage/Psych Punks - The Electric Shakes release their debut album - Electrohypnosis - and the results are very interesting indeed. Showing moments of supreme heaviness at times but with a more Garage based sound. It's an album that takes time to fully enjoy and appreciate as there's a lot going on with the band's sound. The band goes through as many different sounds they possibly can. Even though this album remains primarily a Garage/Punk Rock album, it doesn't stop the band broadening their horizons with moments of noisy psychedelic and stoner rock riffs. The production is very cool indeed as it has a very vintage feel around it.

The 157
Blue Meanie
In The Blood
Shot Me Down
Keep It Wild
The Doctor