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Electric Age - Sleep Of The Silent King (cd)

Electric Age - Sleep Of The Silent King (cd)

Year : 2017

Label : Argonauta Records

Description : Hailing from Louisiana, ELECTRIC AGE has taken the craft of its sludge and southern metal contemporaries, and incorporated the dynamics of more traditional metal, along with folk, doom and straight forward rock, to create the epic tale that is the debut-album 'Sleep Of The Silent King' 

The Threshold 02:19
Shepherd And The Raven 05:48
Robes Of Grey 04:01
Cold Witch 05:05
Priestess Pt.1 02:24
Black Galleons 07:08
Sleep Of Winter 04:34
Silent King 06:42
Elders 06:07
Priestess Pt. 2 03:49
Electric Age 08:44
The Dreaming 09:03