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Earth Witch - Earthbound (duplicated papersleeve cd)

Year : 2013

Label : Error Records

Description : A stoner/doom trio from Illinois is how these guys are described- very accurate! This is most definitely for fans of Sleep, High on Fire and The Sword (early period, naturally). There are massive riffs on offer here. The tracks have quite a range to them, too. You get mellow and bluesy swaggering muscular grooves and psychedelic Sabbath goodness elsewhere. Every track is a winner. Every riff is massive. The production is raw and warm. Everything sounds big. Everything sounds heavy. This is surely exactly the record that Earth Witch set out to create and I applaud them highly for it.

Sky Knight 07:08
Lunar 07:43
Aggregate 03:32
Wizard's Cloak 03:49
Earthbound 05:11