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Duskwood - Desert Queen (duplicated cd)

Year : 2016

Label : DIY

Description : Duskwood's debut album - Desert Queen - is a loud and boisterous take on Desert/Stoner Rock. It has a certain vintage grunge and punkish blues rock based charm to it though the band isn’t afraid to add levels of Psychedelic based Fuzz. The band takes similar ideas that KYUSS, QOTSA and Truckfighters created back in the day.

Obelisk 04:29
Titan 04:10
All These Walls 05:07
Church Of Misery 05:04
Hurricane 04:59
Chariot 04:04
Hazy Eye 04:52
Crone 05:37
Desert Queen 07:12
Stoner Cat (Coming To) 07:09