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Dungaree - Bipolar World (digipack cd)

Dungaree - Bipolar World (digipack cd)

Year : 2016

Label : DIY

Description : After 2 years and 2 EPs, Dungaree release their first full length album 'Bipolar World' Produced and mixed by Szebasztian Szabo in the Our Sound Recording Studio. 'Bipolar World' consists of 7 brand new tracks and 2 tracks from the previous eps. It's filled with grungy and stonerish stuff. Huge and loud!

Midas 01:08
Status Quo 02:57
Climb Out Of The River 03:15
Savage 03:47
Woods 03:15
Final Yell 04:17
Burn Them 03:29
Glazed Eyes 03:49
Bipolar World 04:07