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Drug Cult - Drug Cult (lp)

Drug Cult - Drug Cult (lp)

19 EUR
Year : 2018

Label : Ritual Productions

Description : Formed at the edge of Mt. Jerusalem in the hills of Mullumbimby, Australia, Drug Cult is the alchemic workings of guitarist Vin Steele (ex-Wolfmother,
Megaritual, Sun Of Man), vocalist Aasha Tozer, drummer Dale Walker (Megaritual, Sun Of Man) and bassist Maggie Schreiber. The band's first offering is a 9-track
vortex of majestic heaviness laced with an evocative psychedelic haze, whereby classic melodies meld with fuzz-drenched riffs cultivating an enticing potion of
technicolour wickedness. Although a grooving heavyweight tone drives throughout the rite, a darkened presence is forever evident, hexing you into Drug Cult's realm.
Release date: 22/06/2018

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