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Doomsday Kingdom - The Doomsday Kingdcom (dipack cd)

19 EUR
Year : 2017

Label : Nuclear Blast

Description : THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM is the brainchild by mastermind Leif Eidling from Candlemass. Together with Wolf and Avatarium collegues they created a journey that led them through fields of classical doom metal, but what made the sound so special was the pinch of New Way Of British Heavy Metal that they added to their style.Release date: 07/04/2017

Silent Kingdom 5:11
The Never Machine 6:35
A Spoonful of Darkness 5:50
See You Tomorrow 4:36
The Sceptre 7:19
Hand of Hell 5:58
The Silence 7:26
The God Particle 9:17