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Devil - Time To Repent (cd(

Devil - Time To Repent (cd(

Year : 2011

Label : Soulseller

Description : If anything, Devil is the underdog's favourite - has been for some time in the online community. See, back when I was a casual observer (read "just newly getting into doom and whatnot") I witnessed the online music community bolstering Devil's six-track demo as sort of a weapon raised against the more well-known and well-supported. The demo, titled "Magister Mundi Xum" made them one of the underground hits of 2010, and now, one year later, their full-length "Time to Repent" is at hand.

The Welcome (intro)
Break The Curse
Blood Is Boiling
Time To Repent
Crazy Woman
Open Casket
Death Of A Sorcerer
At The Blacksmith's
Howling (at The World)
Pt. 2 (outro)