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Descarado - Odd (lp)

23 EUR
Year : 2017

Label : Oak Island

Description :  Limited to 200 copies on transparent BLUE vinyl. DESCARADO from Gothenburg, Sweden play excellent Stoner Rock. 'Odd' is great! Have a drink and turn the volume up, you will love it! These tunes will be heavily enjoyed by fans of classic stoner rock acts such as Monster Magnet, Slo Burn or Fu Manchu. Release date: 24/03/2017

Cirko Mamuno 05:10
Schizo 03:58
One Man's Death 06:00
Domus 06:34
Pigroad 04:47
Descarada 04:12
Cactus Wine 04:49
Memorandum 09:50
Fugly 01:49