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Denizen - Troubled Waters (cd)

Year : 2015

Label : Argonauta Records

Description : French hard stoner rockers Denizen came out with a promising debut, Whispering Wild Stories back in 2011, where they rocked with abandon, with a touch of post-hardcore punk/sludge fury, bravely (naively?) covering Creem’s “Sunshine Of Your Love.” That same charming fearlessness persists in their latest, Troubled Waters,but with upgraded sound and riffs.

Teddy Bear 04:37
Whoresmoker 04:59
Jocelyne 04:07
The Waitress 03:40
Glassie Lovely Glassie 03:12
King Of Horses 03:43
Heavy Rider 04:03
Time To Leave 01:40
Enter Truckman 04:12
Moonwalk Blues 04:48