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Deep Winter - Deep Winter (cd)

11 EUR
Year : 2016

Label : Kozmik Artifactz

Description : Deep Winter is a garage rock duo from Russia. Their music sounds like an intense and dynamic hybrid of classic rock and hard blues. It's easy to hear the influences of other numerous sub-genres here, all being a logical extension of classic rock'n'roll with a sharper and more modern edge. "Deep Winter" is classic rock with a fresh and modern new look. It is a mix of garage rock, blues rock, dance rock, rock&roll, alternative and psychedelic rock. Lovely classic rock for the 21st century!

Call You To Be Mine
Everytime I See Your Eyes
You Ain't Got My Love
Little Baby (little darling)
She's The Girl (who doesen't sleep at night)
I Live In A Dream
Stop Me (if it's not ok)
I'm Here,Right Now
I Would Fall To Pieces