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De Forbandede - De Forbandede (cd)

Year : 2017

Label : DIY

Description : The De Forbandede playing 70s garage / psychedelic / stoner rock delivered by a rough and simple formula that appeals to your brother and deathsmetalmor. A square circle that is about everything and nothing - perfect u-perfect melodic vocals drowning in spring reverb and space echo. Fever-wild guitar solos are looking at the stars while tons of heavy drums and the resounding fuzzbass call from deep inside the earth. All the while sneaking vibraphone and organ synth itself undetected on a mind-moon-ride through the desert. When classic psych meetings doomsday, we are all lost and disappear into the cosmos in a maelstrom of dreams and light, forever happy, forever cursed. Poetry is Danish and is about what we see and feel, and mostly not say.

Nuets Æoner 02:39
Må Dit Liv Gå Op I Ild 02:19
Flygtige Saltopløsninger 03:46
Vi Troede Kun På Livet 03:11
Gennemsyret Glæde 04:38
Trancebindende Susen 05:11
Et Stort Sekund 03:48
Evig Ild 03:58
Et Glimt Af Forventning 03:03
Forbandet Manifest 02:12
Alt Og Ingenting 02:53
Det Kan Blive Stort 06:09