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Datura4 - Hairy Mountain (cd)

14 EUR
Year : 2016

Label : Alive

Description : Building upon the guitars-to-infinity-approach of Datura4's acclaimed debut LP 'Demon Blues', 'Hairy Mountain' contains ten solid tracks celebrating an unbridled joy for rock'n'roll with a nod to the spiritual presence of the band's hairy Oz Rock forefathers. 'Hairy Mountain' is the culmination of a lifetime of musical archaeology and the ongoing search for the never ending riff. Elements of hard-lined blues remain evident, but are primarily smoothed out by a dominant, free-formed ’70s psych sparsity. Those sprawling soundscapes themselves threaten explosive outbreaks yet are reigned in further with a defining boogie, a heavy footstomp of swagger that sets a more contemporary course. Release date: 28/10/2016

Fools Gold Rush
Mary Carroll Park
Uphill Climb
Hairy Mountain
Greedy World
Confide In Me
Too Much (or not enough)
Something To Hide
Broken Path