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Damned Pilots - Overgalaxy (cd)

Damned Pilots - Overgalaxy (cd)

10 EUR
Year : 2016

Label : Sliptrick Records

Description : Overgalaxy is a steam punk concept album. As drummer/founder Don Nutz says, ‘it’s built on the story of four cartoon characters, Don Nutz, Sgt Ote, Willer Hertz and Erik Space …aka The Damned Pilots. They travel through space in the year 2500 A.C. on a 1970’s hippy van customized to fight against their archenemy Gorguss and his evil empire’. The lyrics, written by Sgt Ote, are about love and hate, war and peace, past and future, rebellions against failed systems, all imbued with the sensibilities and humour of classic sci-fi b-movies.Damned Pilots are influenced by Kiss, Monster Magnet, Trouble, Beatles, Devil’s Blood and Black Sabbath

Damned Pilots - Intro 01:27
Damned Pilots 03:36
Season Of The Endings 04:34
Desert Europa 05:21
Just Another Day 03:02
Gorguss 05:26
Hell Is Cold 04:30
People Don't Die 03:54
Sylvanic 05:53
Mos 06:40